Praxis_M30 Bearing Service Kit

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This rebuild kit provides the specific 30mm Drive & 28mm NonDrive bearings to rebuild your stock Praxis M30 bottom brackets.   The Rebuild kit is for  : M30 BSA, BB30/PF30, 386EVO, BBright, T47 E.B and T47 I.B.     VIP NOTE : Do NOT order this  for the M30 BB86/90/92 BB.  That BB cannot be rebuilt.   


This rebuild kit provides the two specific bearings Praxis M30 bottom brackets.

  • Original Bearing rebuild kit for Praxis M30 BB | 30mm DRIVE / 28mm NonDrive
  • Used with : M30 BSA, BB30/PF30, 386EVO, BBright, T47 E.B and T47 I.B.     VIP: Do not order this rebuild kit if you have a M30 BB86/90/92.  That M30 BB cannot be rebuilt.
  • Must use professional level bearing tool kit to rebuild your M30 BB.

IMPORTANT : You are required to use proper bearing installation/removal tools to pull/press new bearings into a Praxis M30 bottom bracket.  Failing to use correct tools can and will damage your new bearings and/or your BB and void your warranty.     

We highly suggest using Enduro’s bearing removal/press tool kit or similar shop level bearing tool kit.  If you do not have the correct tools, please take your bike to your local bike shop for bearing replacement.



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