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What is it?

TATTICO Bluetooth® embeds a Bluetooth® enabled pressure transducer inside of our award-winning TATTICO mini-pump, allowing you to live read large-scale, pressures accurate to 1% on your Apple or Android device any time, any place.

Who's it for?

The discerning cyclist who requires accurate inflation pressure control even when completing a road or trailside tire repair.


Typical mini-pump gauges have issues of accuracy and size. The gauge can't be so big that it feels bulky in a jersey pocket nor can it be too small to read. Much like a high-end watch, the internal mechanism of an accurate pump gauge consists of a variety of small, precision parts with precise movements. Also similar to a watch, the internal components of a floor pump gauge are already very small in size. As we looked at creating a gauge small enough to mount on a mini-pump, we found that as the overall size of the gauge decreased, the internal mechanism needed to be simplified and therefore accuracy decreased rapidly.  This leaves traditional mini-pump gauges generally being barely more accurate than squeezing the tire with your fingers.



  • Seamless connection to iGauge mobile app for clear, accurate pressure reading
  • 6061 Alloy barrel and gripping surfaces
  • High-efficiency piston design
  • Long extractable filler hose with locking presta/schrader chuck
  • Maximum pressure 120psi
  • 9-1/2" length
  • Includes direct-mount backed with retaining strap
  • Easily replaceable CR2032 battery


  1. Download iGauge app from Apple iTunes or Google Android apps
  2. Engage TATTICO pump head on the valve stem and move the valve lever to the lock position
  3. Start the iGauge app on your mobile device
  4. The app will indicate "SEARCHING"
  5. Begin adding air to the tire. This will wake the Bluetooth transmitter and sync with the mobile device
  6. Continue pumping until you reach the desired tire pressure
  7. Closing the app and storing the pump will put the Bluetooth transmitter in hibernation

For additional support on using iGauge please click here

Tattico has 4 unique design features that set it apart from the rest.

  1. Inverted Design: Tattico is designed backward from most pumps.  The hose and valve are hidden inside the Inner tube rather than the outer cylinder as in other designs.  The Result: Up to 10% more air per stroke compared to pumps of similar length!
  2. Adaptable Cup Seal: Other pumps seal with o-rings, which are great when the pump is cold, but as heat builds and the cylinder grows, o-ring seals lose effectiveness.  The Tattico Adaptable Cup Seal grows with the tube resulting in ultimate efficiency at all temperatures.
  3. Hidden Heat Sink Controls Temperatures:  There is a heat sink hidden at the end of the barrel which absorbs a high percentage of heat generated when pumping.  This keeps the rest of the pump cool, even at high pressures.
  4. Twin Tube Insulated Handle Design Keeps Hands Cool:  Tattico Handle uses 2 thin tubes separated by an insulating air gap to keep hands cool.  This results in better grip and control without risk to hands even when inflating multiple tires to high pressures.

If you would like to learn more about features, functions and maintenance of the TATTICO Bluetooth® mini-pump, please visit the SILCA resource center. 



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